Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog, thank you for taking a peek!
I'm going to make eating in Whittier way easier for you guys. Here I will be posting my favorite restaurants day by day, creating categories for you to choose from. So if you're feeling Italian, just go ahead and search for it and all of Whittier's finest ristorante's will appear with: my personal favorites off the menu, hours, and location. Fun, right? I'll be announcing when that launches, but as for now, please enjoy the site and my web store. There will be plenty of great stuff happening here soon!



Love & grease,

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  • Justine

    I tried Colonia Publica last night after your post about the Fideo there. I’ve lived in Ehottier my whole life and have never been to most the places you post about. I was presently suprised at the great food and service there! Definitely going to return and continue to try the other spots you recommend! Thanks Girl keep doin what you do!

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