Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

I just wanted to pop in today and talk about my dining experience last night at one of my favorite Whittier Mexican restaurants, La Casa Del Cocinero. It is located at 14323 Whittier Blvd Whittier, CA 90605. This place is the perfect fusion of authentic and trendy. They have a pretty wide variety of a menu and everything is worth trying. The drinks are even better.. So let me introduce you..
Meet Regal!
Regal is the manager at La Casa Del Cocinero. He started off as just a bartneder, but now his role is so much more. He takes pride in his drinks and it most definitely shows! He has been bar tending at various establishments since 2010. He told me that he makes the michelada mix from scratch.. and no, I won't give up the secret ingredient!! My favorite drinks he's made for me so far have been: La Paleta, El Don and a Michelada (with Pacifico!)
I pretty much now get the same thing every time I visit because I found my favroite go-tos! My husband switches it up every now and again. I always start with the Queso Fundido. If you don't you're missing out. It comes sizzling hot in a molcajete served with their famous handmade corn tortillas. Another favorite is the Asada Nachos, the meat is always fresh and the chips are never soggy; which in my opinion is important when eating nachos! And let's just talk about how big their burritos are for a second. Like... HUGE. If your eyes are always bigger than your stomach, this is definitely a thing to share. They are phenomenal!
Please do your taste buds a favor and give this place a visit. They get super busy in the evenings, especially on Tuesdays (For Taco Tuesday), and the weekends! Let them know I sent you!!
-Hungry In Whittier

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