MFC / Chef Denise Portillo Showcase Dinner

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all my experience at the Made For Chefs events! I absolutely love coming to these events, they're so much fun, and they honestly make you feel sort of rich and classy for an evening. It truly is an awesome experience and I recommend it to anyone for a date night or even a girls night out. The events are thrown at The Knotted Apron, who also offer really fun cooking classes if you're interested in that sort of thing! - If you read or watched my video on my previous blog post about the Chefs Throwdown, this was sort of the event to follow. Now, the winner, Chef Denise Portillo from Forkin' Good Cafe will take us on a 5 course culinary journey entirely of her own creation. 
Let's dive right in to how delicious everything was!
If you know me, you'd know I'm a HUGE ceviche lover! This was excellent, although I don't know what it was made out of. Maybe I'll find out and update this later!
Same with this appetizer, not sure what it was called, but it was a quinoa base, so so good! It was warm and had some sort of cabbage slaw on top. I want to learn how to make this at home.
Grab a glass of wine & enjoy!

Chile Relleno Stack

{goat cheese/grill shrimp/spicy tomato sauce}

It was so good. Denise said the shrimp was sauteed in some sort of chorizo sauce and this was probably my favorite dish of the night. I wish I asked for seconds!!

Stuffed Cornish Hens

{blue cheese stuffing/cardamon yams}

Holy moly this was good! I loved the stuffing, it was perfectly flavored and the meat was so moist. I can't believe they gave us an ENTIRE Cornish hen! So amazing!


Steamed Bass

{jasmine rice/ floral truffle sauce}

Yes! I love seafood! So this was perfect after the heaviness of the hen. The sauce that was poured over the jasmine rice was so delicious! More please!




Made For Chef's gave me two pairs of tickets to giveaway on my Instagram, so I ran a contest and these lucky couples were my winners! Fun for me because I get to meet new people and catch up with old friends.



This is Jordan, a long time friend of mine, and his beautiful girlfriend Emma!


This is Elaine + Ray - my other contest winners! It was so incredibly awesome to sit down and talk to you two! They are newlyweds and said this was the perfect date night out.



My husband, Alex and I! Thank you, darling for always supporting me with everything I choose to do in life. You are the best life partner a girl could ever ask for. And when I can't finish my food, you're always there to clean my plate. It was love at first bite.


My new friends, Luisa + Connie!




More friendly faces at the Showcase Dinner





Squash Blossom

{berries/dandelion/ herb vinaigrette}

This was super refreshing, and purposly served after the meals to cleanse your pallet and help with digestion. Total yummmm!



Guinness Stout Cake

{dark chocolate/meringue/bourbon caramel}

Wow! This was amazingly rich and full of flavor. Plus, dark chocolate is the only way to chocolate! I couldn't eat much of it though, I was already too full off of wine and meat to get through the whole thing!



Ending the night with a great beer from Angel City Brewery!

I love Denise Portillo!


Dancing the night away!


I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did! I hope to see you at the next event!

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