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Good morning! Steph here typing from the beautiful Whittier, California! It's 10:00am and the skies are clear and blah blah blah!



So yesterday, I basically had a field day at Big D's Burgers! Let's rewind though. I've been to this establishment before, sort of in the beginning of their Whittier journey and I didn't have the greatest experience, however, I came back for a second try months down the line and it was much better. I love getting to see a restaurant improve and I know that we're all human and trying to serve a packed place isn't exactly the easiest either. With that being said, I hadn't gone back since my last visit before this one, not because of the food or service but because I'm a busy gal and I'm trying to watch my figure. Big D's is definitely CHEAT MEAL worthy! So earlier this year I was asked to speak on a panel of young entrepreneurs and Jenn (the owner) just so happened to speak with me. She was so sweet and genuine, someone you feel like you could just talk to and relate with. I really loved her for saying to a room full of strangers, "I'm probably the most nervous one up here." To me, that was it. Because in that moment, she was so raw and real. She didn't fake it to look cool or put on an act like she was high and mighty because she owned 2 restaurants. That was a huge reason why I returned yesterday. Anyway, I won't bore you, but I will say this, best Big D's experience I have ever had!! My husband and I ordered a little of everything I felt but they were all cooked to perfection and flavors were on POINT. This place is a must try you guys!


Chili Cheese Fries with dipping sauces that will make you question your life. Like, "What have I been doing this whole time?" or "How did I ever live without these?" - I want to use these fries as a pillow at night.


Mr. Hungry In Whittier ;)


Bacon. Wrapped. Chicken. Wings.

And I know some of you are probably like, meh, debatable because it looks juicy on the outside and probably dry on the inside.. WRONG. These guys were cooked to perfection and the bold flavors of the hot sauce and cool homemade ranch really tied it all together.


The Patty Melt. My favorite burger on the menu simply because of the bread. I don't really need to say much about this guy, the photo speaks for itself.


Lastly, a Captain Crunch milkshake. How can you go to Big D's and not get a shake?! It's what they're most known for!!



Big D's ::: 10722 Beverly Blvd. Whittier, CA 90601

Phone: (562) 692-4000

Hours: Sat-Thur 11AM-9PM Fri 11AM-10PM



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