Friendly Hills Country Club

Wow. That's mainly the first thing that comes to mind. I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Executive Chef here at Friendly Hills Country Club, Peter Phan. What an incredible Chef he is! Between traditional plates to family recipes, Peter knows exactly what he's doing in the kitchen. Peter took us on a culinary journey to say the very least. I want to share some photos of all the dishes I was very lucky to enjoy for an evening.
Amuse Bouche of the evening
Mortadella with pistachio puree, burrata cheese, cotton candy grape and pickled red onion. I basically just forked all of it at once and shoved it in my mouth. The flavors and spice from the sausage combined with the sweetness of the grape were just incredible. I was very close to asking for 8 more!
Crispy Rock Shrimp
There were no real words. My husband and I simultaneously popped a piece of this shrimp into our mouths and just stared at each other. Then again, and again. Now I've had rock shrimp at other restaurants but this was definitely the best I've ever tasted! The pineapple salsa on top was the cherry on top. If I ever get the opportunity to go back for a visit, I'm praying this is still on the menu!
Momma Phan's Wontons
These bad boys were filled with pork & shrimp! The fried shallots on top really pulled this dish together. It was soft and crunch and the flavors were ridiculous. Not one wonton was left behind. Well done, Momma Phan!
Unicorn Wedge Salad
Of course my husband said "And if some extra blue cheese crumbles fall on top, I wouldn't be upset or anything" Haha! Good one!
Classic Cesar
Yum! My go-to salad. I don't know what it is about a cesar that I love so much. The cold romaine slices and the zesty dressing. Gimme!!
H3 2014 Cabernet
This could easily be my newest favorite Cabernet. Welcome to the family!
Filet Mignon
This 8oz stack was cooked perfectly! It was paired with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables! I know what you're thinking.. Steak is steak. NO. You're wrong. This was magical steak sent from the meat Gods. Just amazing.
Cedar Plank Scottish Salmon
Another dish were I feel like I had no words. What an amazing concept, to actually bake the salmon on the wood and serve it. The flavors were incredible. That mustard aioli on top was so delicious! Paired with garlish mashed potatoes and spinach. I couldn't even finish it after everything, so they boxed it up for me and I took it home. It tasted even better the next day! Bravo on this one!!
Creme Brulee
I know, I know. I said I was too full to finish my salmon. But seriously guys.. you always make room for creme brulee! My all time favorite desert, hands down. I love the crispy outer shell with the creamy filling combined with the berries. Loved this!!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU once more to Chef Peter Phan for everything. You're an incredible chef and it was such a pleasure being able to talk with you for a bit. You and everyone on staff were just so pleasant to spend an evening with. I sincerely appreciated this experience from the bottom of my heart

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