26. Armenian. Self proclaimed foodie. Whittier native. Photographer. Craft beer lover. Wannabe wine connoisseur. Social butterfly. Aspiring chef/restaurant owner.


I decided to start Hungry In Whittier because I found myself posting a lot of food on my personal page and mostly from Whittier because I hardly venture out when I don't have to. In August 2015 I thought to myself, "Hey, I could totally help other people JUST LIKE ME find all the great spots within our city limits to enjoy and not travel for." The idea was sort of just born, I never thought it would be where is is today. I love food, but who doesn't? There's definitely more to it. I mainly love our city and everything it has to offer. Not too many cities thrive on small businesses like we do. Whittier has so much history and it has flourished so beautifully over the years. I'm proud to say I am now a part of that movement. Throughout visiting all our fantastic establishments - you'll notice I don't critique - that's because I like to keep Hungry In Whittier a positive place. I am not Yelp and if I don't like a restaurant, I simply won't post about it. I do offer menu photography and promotion through my Instagram page for local restaurants. I am constantly working on new ideas for merchandise and the future of Hungry In Whittier! I am definitely hoping in the next few years to be a restaurant owner myself, so keeping my fingers crossed for that dream to come true. If you ever see me around, (which you probably will) please stop me and say HELLO! I love getting to know my neighbors!


Stephanie Portugal